Special Education

Kelly Abel
Special Education Teacher UCONNECT 586-797-6566
Kelly.Abel @uticak12.org  

Renee Berish
[email protected]
Kelly Bowler
[email protected]        586-797-6565

Kathleen Bungart
Speech Language Path.
K[email protected]  586-797-1963

Bob Cantu
Special Education Teacher  
[email protected] 586-797-2022

Samantha Chowan-Herrera
Speech Language Path.
[email protected] 586-797-1961

Mackenzie Davis
Special Education, UConnect        
[email protected]                                        586-797-6582

Matthew Derk
Algebra I & Algebra I CT Teacher  
[email protected]          586-797-2090

Jennifer DeRuiter

Special Education Teacher
[email protected]

Charles Finn
Algebra II, Tutorial, Spanish I CT Teacher  
[email protected]    586-797-2131

Lynn Fonacier
Social Worker
[email protected] 586-797-1964

Margaret Grzic
Special Education, UCONNECT 586-797-6564
[email protected]

Steven Heilman
Special Education Teacher
[email protected]

Bill Hottle
Algebra II CT, Chemistry CT Teacher
[email protected]  586-797-8731

Audrey Kranzo
UCONNECT         586-797-6562
[email protected]

Pat Nizza
UCONNECT, UCONNECT Work  586-797-6563
[email protected]

Casie Parlardg
English 11 CT, Literacy, English 11 Teacher   
[email protected] 586-797-2132

Christie Petras
Special Education Teacher
[email protected]     586-797-2130

Andrea Pilatowski
Biology I CT & Dept. Chair
[email protected]   586-797-2137

Cara Reck
Special Education Teacher 
[email protected]          586-797- 2008

Sarah Sitarski-Rice
[email protected]                            586-797-1962

Julie Stahl
Daily Living A & C, Community Based Instruction    
[email protected] 586-797-2133

Kecia Waddell
English 10 CT, English 10, English 11 CT Teacher 
[email protected]  586-797-8587

Jennifer Young
Special Education Teacher  586-797-2022
[email protected]

Please note that all teacher contact phones go directly to voicemail during the school day.