Dan Barrios
Honors Chemistry Teacher
[email protected]           586-797-2074

Joseph Bungart
Biology II, AP Biology, & Physiology Teacher
[email protected]         586-797-2041

Curtis Davis
Astronomy & Biology I Teacher
[email protected]                 586-797-2055

Ajia Florence
Science Teacher
[email protected]

Thomas Hayman
Physics, Honors Physics, Foundations of Calculus, AP Physics C Mech Teacher
[email protected]     586-797-2045

Scott Mann
Science Teacher
[email protected] 586-797-2031


Thomas McNally
Honors Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Organic Chemistry Teacher
[email protected]    586-797-2039

Mary Murphy
Biology I, AVID 12 Teacher, Science Dept. Co-Chair
[email protected]       586-797-2033

Ronald Pinto
Biology, Astronomy 586-797-2047
[email protected]

Christopher Schultz
Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, AP Chemistry Teacher, Boys Cross Country Head Coach, Boys Track & Field Head Coach
[email protected]            586-797-2043

Theresa Snyder
Consumer Science
[email protected] 586-797-2072

Please note that all teacher contact phones go directly to voicemail during the school day.