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Anahita Azami
Math Teacher
[email protected] 586-797-2054

Michael Carpenter
Foundations of Calculus, & AP Statistics Teacher
[email protected]           586-797-2080

Katrina DiPucchio
Math Teacher 586-797-2082
[email protected]

Troy Hayes

AP Calculus AB/BC Teacher, Pre Calculus Teacher, Girls Track & Field Head Coach
[email protected]                          586-797-2021

Austin Kaiser
Algebra I, Geometry, Acc. Geometry Teacher
[email protected]              586-797-2025

Dawn Koenke
Geometry, Algebra I, & Pre Calculus Teacher
[email protected]       586-797-2040

David Kolbicz
Mathematics Department Chair, Extended Algebra II & Algebra II Teacher
[email protected]          586-797-2036

Jennifer Lindquist
Algebra I, Algebra I Support & Algebra II Teacher
[email protected] 586-797-2042

Jesse Lombardo
Algebra II, AVID 11 & Accelerated Algebra II Teacher
[email protected]    586-797-2048

Cheryl Pietraszewski
Algebra I & II, Geometry & PreCalculus Teacher
[email protected]          586-797-2038

James Zerilli
Algebra I Teacher
[email protected]           586-797-2005

Please note that all teacher contact phones go directly to voicemail during the school day.