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English and English Learners

Mary Beth Acoff
French I Teacher, English 12 Teacher   586-797-2085

Anahita Azami
ELL Content Literacy Teacher, Algebra I & II (EL) Teacher       586-797-2054

Susan Edgar

English 10 & Literacy Teacher          586-797-2078

Maha Fakhouri
Bilingual Paraprofessional     586-797-2054

Angel Favazza
English 11 Teacher, AP English Lit Comp Teacher        586-797-2071

Craig Leland
AP English Lang Comp Teacher, English 11 Teacher, Director of Debate, English Dept. Chair            586-797-2028

Mike MacLeod
Honors English 10 Teacher, AVID 10 Teacher  586-797-2072

Please note that all teacher contact phones go directly to voicemail during the school day. 

Cheryl McCarthy
English 10 Teacher, Honors English 10 Teacher, English 12 Teacher, Book Club Advisor   586-797-2051

Kelli McCloud
Speech Communication I/II Teacher, AVID 11 Teacher, AVID Coordinator, Dollars for Scholars Liason        586-797-2010

Danielle McVay
English 10 Teacher, English 11 Teacher, Literacy Teacher     586-797-2065

Paula Pantano
English 10 Teacher, Journalism I Teacher, Yearbook Teacher, Newspaper I & II Teacher, Yearbook & Newspaper Advisor      586-797-2111

Angie Stemmerich
AP English Language Composition, Speech, English 10 Teacher, School Improvement Team Chair     586-797-2012

Mary Tangalos
All Levels ELL English Teacher, Biology I CT Teacher      586-797-2052

Dennis Walczak
English 11 Teacher, English 12 Teacher, Boys & Girls Golf Coach    586-797-2081