What is AVID?

AVID, Advancement Via Individual Determination, is an elementary through postsecondary college readiness system that is designed to increase schoolwide learning and performance. AVID at Stevenson develops learning, study and academic behavioral skills that are essential to success in rigorous coursework. Students selected to be part of AVID take an AVID elective class where students receive daily instruction and support to prepare them for college from a trained AVID Elective teacher. Student not in AVID benefit from the use of strategies like writing to learn, inquiry, collaboration, organizational skills, and critical reading (WICOR) are taught in classes by teachers who have been trained to use AVID strategies in their specific content areas.

Who should sign up for AVID?

Stevenson's AVID targets students who are in the academic middle (B's, C's, and sometimes D's) who have shown a desire to go to college and work hard. If you are a student who was nominated by a teacher, administrator, or other faculty member and you have the desire to go to college and have the determination to make your way to the top. AVID can help you get there and you should sign up. This is not a remediation program, this a program to help students advance from the academic middle to the academic top!


Why should a student participate in AVID?


Highlights from AVID Graduate Research (

  • AVID sends one third more students to four-year colleges than the local and national average.
  • African American AVID students, whether they participate in AVID for one or three years, are enrolling in college at rates which are considerably higher than the local and national average.
  • Students who participate in AVID enroll more often than students who don't participate, and the longer students enroll in AVID, the better is their college enrollment record.
  • AVID students are staying in college once they enroll; 89% of those who started are in college two years later.
  • In short, the capital that students bring with them into the program does not seem to be as important as the capital that the students accrue while they are in the program.
  • More than twice the percentage of students with two years of middle school AVID took three or more AP classes than those with only one year or no AVID experience in middle school.

What our AVID Graduates have said:


"AVID has given me the courage to take one step forward and to leave my comfort Zone" -Hana


"AVID has given me the tools to succeed academically and personally." -Dina


"AVID has push me to look forward to going to college." -Sarah


"AVID has helped me achieve my academic goals." -Chynna


"AVID has opened many doors for me." -Noah


"I not only gained friends, tutoring and opportunities, I also gained a family." -Sean


"My GPA has gone up because of AVID which allowed me to get into the college I wanted." -Kayla


"If it wasn't for the AVID elective, I wouldn't have met the best of friends that I have now." -Nicole


"I feel prepared and ready for college because of the tools I learned in AVID." -Brandon


AVID Statistics (


One of the keys to AVID's success is in the percentage of AVID seniors who are accepted to four-year colleges.  Stats on AVID students:

  • * 95% are accepted to a four-year university
  • * 71% are attending a four-year university
  • * 24% are attending a two-year college
  • * More than 80% of AVID graduates have been enrolled  continuously in college since leaving high school
  • *100% applied for FAFSA vs. 34% non-AVID seniors

Have more questions?


You can send your questions to one of the following AVID team members or you can go to the Frequently Asked Questions pages found by clicking here.

Team Member Stevenson Title AVID Title Email Phone Number
Steven Pfannes Principal AVID Principal
Sherri Reitzel Counselor AVID Counselor & Site Team Member
Kelli McCloud Speech & AVID Elective Teacher Site Team Coordinator
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Team Member
Stevenson/UCS Title
AVID Title
Phone Number

Steven Bernier

Executive Director of Pupil Services

AVID District Director

Tim Youngblood

Assoc. Principal

AVID Administrator
Kristen Khamis AP Psychology & AVID Elective Teacher AVID Elective Teacher Class of 2015
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Terry McKinny AP U.S. History & AVID Elective Teacher AVID Elective Teacher Class of 2016
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Mike MacLeod AP European History, Honors English 10, AVID Elective Teacher & English Department Chair AVID Elective Teacher Class of 2017
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Curtis Davis Biology & Astronomy Teacher Site Team Member
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Craig Leland AP English 11 and Regular English Teacher & Debate Coach Site Team Member
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Jesse Lombardo Algebra I, II and Accelerated Algebra II Teacher Site Team Member
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Jeff Lopo U.S. History & English 12 Teacher & Quiz Bowl & Forensics Coach Site Team Member
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Mary Murphy Biology Site Team Member
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Michelle Wood

ACC. Algebra II & Algebra II Teacher

Site Team Member
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