College Preparation


Freshman & Sophomore Years

  • Plan all your high school courses, including college prep classes. Athletes should check forminimum requirements.
  • All grades from the 9th grade on influence your overall GPA. Colleges and future employers will look at your GPA when reviewing your applications.
  • School and extracurricular activities are improved to get accepted at most universities. Participate in as many activities as you can. Besides, these activities are fun.
  • Discuss college costs with your family and start a savings plan.

Junior Years

  • Continue your school and community involvement and keep up your grades. Enroll in college prep/ advanced placement classes.
  • Think about what you want as a career. You can find information on jobs and careers at
  • Make a list of things important to you in college (campus size, location, cost, class size, major, housing, sports, etc) Use these criteria to find schools that fit you best. The web sites on the opposite page are very helpful.
  • Talk to others who attend your top choice schools. Attend college fairs and make appointments with visiting college representative. Find out acceptance requirements, costs and other relevant information. Talk with your family and try to narrow your choices.
  • Register for required entrance exams (PSAT and Sat and college and
  • Request applications or look at the application form online for the schools that interest you.
  • Develop a financial aid plan. Use the web pages opposite this page to find financial aid opportunities.
  • Make a plan for when all items for college are due
  • Start to find people who can give you references.
  • Normally you will need three references.
  • If you are an athlete, you should contract college coaches and join summer camps where college coaches will be.

Senior Years

  • Continue your school and community involvement and keep up your grades. Enroll in college prep/advanced placement classes. Take AP exams to see how many college credits you can get.
  • Take ACT & SAT exams
  • Register for selection services at age 18. If you do not register you may not be eligible for federal aid
  • Discuss your final choice of schools with your family, and teachers
  • Keep and organize all corresponding related to applications and finance aid
  • It you are an athlete you must make an athletic resume and send to the coaches at your top schools. Make sure to request info on available scholarships.
  • Get all your transcripts, letters of reference and test scores
  • Apply for admissions to the schools in which you are most interred. You can apply online at most schools.
  • Have your parents complete IRS tax returns early.
  • Compare your offerings for each school.
  • Make a choice, sign letter of intent and make tuition and housing deposits.
  • Senior Summer College Planner pdf


College Readiness Documents