September 4 – 6
Junior and Senior Waitlist Applications accepted permits $45

Juniors and Seniors, who failed to apply before, may apply for parking permits. All students that submit applications by September 6 will be given priority based on attendance for a $45 parking permit.

Juniors with a learner’s permit may request to reserve a parking permit. If they make the cut based on attendance, they will have to pay to hold their parking permit. When the student receives their license, they must bring a photocopy to Mrs. Suvak and the student will receive their permit. There are no refunds for parking permits that are not picked up.

September 9 – 27
Applications to be placed on the late waitlist to purchase a permit for $50

Juniors and Seniors who failed to apply by September 6 can still apply to be on the waitlist. No Learner Permit applications will be accepted, all learner permit applications must be turned in by September 6.

Click here for 2019-2020 Parking Permit Rules
Click here for a 2019-2020 Junior Parking Permit Application

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Suvak at