One of a kind partnership empowers students for career and college success
One of a kind partnership empowers students for career and college success
Posted on 05/18/2022
Students with mentorsA group of Stevenson juniors have a much clearer vision of their future, thanks to a unique partnership. 
Wireless Vision is helping chart the future for eight 2023 graduates that are part of the Vision Empowerment Academy, now in its third year at Stevenson High School. 
Students spent the day with local business mentors discussing career goals and working on practical job seeking skills, such as resume building, job interviews and discussing their social media identity. 
“Everyone wanted the best for me and made me feel so special,” said student Manwella Elia.  “The mentors are like family now."  
The Career Day was a new addition to the empowerment program, which allows business mentors to work directly with students to provide additional support and tools for their dream careers.
The academy is a partnership between Stevenson High School and Vision Wireless.
Zena Bashi, Senior Culture and Brand Specialist at Wireless Vision, said the academy is part of the company’s WV’s Got Your Back social responsibility outreach. 
“We believe that every child deserves to have an equal education,” Bashi said.  “With the help of mentors, they will learn about values, education, and life skills to do the right thing every day.”
Bashi said it was important to the company and CEO Saber Ammori  to create a one-of-a-kind opportunity for the future workforce.
“We wanted to give each student resources that they did not have access to and also have that one on one relationship with a mentor throughout the program,” she said. 
Participating students said they know that they are part of something special. In addition to job seeking skills, the program helps students prepare for SAT/ACT tests, learn how to apply to colleges and universities and seek financial aid and scholarships. 
“The project has given me a lot of inspiration and helped me to be clearer about my goals and what life I want in the future,” said Jiawen Weng. 

The partnership is made possible through the commitment of Stevenson staff members Mary Tangalos and Anahita Azami.

Students will have a special graduation ceremony next week to celebrate their accomplishments and receive scholarship awards. 

Participating students this year and their mentors are:

Student                         Mentor

Manwella Elia              Jian Haddad

Abdullah Hussein        Lava Francis

Lan Anh Nguyen          Madeleine and Haley Denha

Jiawen Weng                Rachel Grodsky

Randi Mansoor            Joe Maclean

Waseem Bardage        Shaun McGowan

Amin Hanoun               Rhodonna Bikndi

Pirma Razoky                Katie McCarty


Manwella Elia
Abdullah Hussein
Lan Anh Nguyen
Jiawen Weng
Randi Mansoor
Waseem Bardage
Amin Hanoun
Pirma Razoky

This year's mentors are:
Jian Haddad
Lava Francis
Madeleine and Haley Denha
Rachel Grodsky
Joe MacLean
Shaun McGowan
Rhodonna Bikndi
Katie McCarty

Career Day Photo