What it means to lead the show as a high school drum major
What it means to lead the show as a high school drum major
Posted on 10/06/2021
Drum majors from all four bands unite

Each marching band has a unique makeup of instruments, grades and drum majors. But what exactly is a drum major and what is their role with the marching band?

“Drum major are the student leaders,” said Matt Schoenherr, Director of Bands and Choir at Henry Ford II High School. “They are the liaison between the rest of the band and the directors.”

Each high school has their own drum major selection process, but a common denominator is the emphasis placed on a student’s ability to lead.

“Being a drum major means helping out the band as best you can to lead them to success,” Utica High School senior Drum Major, Sofia Ricciuti said.  

Madison Bellman, senior Drum Major for Eisenhower High School’s marching band, said she is grateful that the students and directors trust her with the role of drum major.

Despite not marching her freshman year, Bellman said to be appointed as drum major, “you start setting an example even before you’re a leader.”

During performances, you will find the drum major conducting the marching band, but as the leaders of the band, their duties only begin there.

“It’s a lot of responsibility, it’s a lot of hard work, but at the same time I think it’s the best experience you can have in marching band,” said Utica High School senior Drum Major, Nathan Eichmann.

For Izzy Visnaw, Eisenhower High School senior, being drum major is the greatest honor.

“Just being able to lead everyone in doing something you love and trying to spread happiness and music to everyone is really gratifying,” said Visnaw.

All four UCS high schools will come together to showcase their marching bands Sunday, Oct. 10 at 7pm. The performance will be conducted by the drum majors and held at Swinehart Field in Shelby Township, Mich.

“When it comes showtime, I’m standing on the sideline watching and I know it’s in their hands,” said Schoenherr. “And it’s in very capable hands.”