About Us


Students will focus on solutions to relevant industry problems and change mindsets on how they approach challenging situations.  Emersed in this academy culture, students will be more prone to share ideas, tolerate failure, and contribute to overall achievement.


Students will be active participants in their learning from the beginning.  Starting with innovative projects in Design Thinking, to the industry driven challenges in advanced coursework; student voice is present.  Core academic courses will be taught through the lens of Fabrication, Design Engineering, or Automation, bringing relevance to students and deepen understanding of the subject matter.

Industry Focused

Students will work in teams to demonstrate their learning in real world challenge competitions presented to industry leaders.  It is the expectation that every Stevenson MADE student will graduate having completed multiple work based learning experiences. Students will align with professionals to complete job shadowing experiences and internships.  They will leave with industry credentials, articulated college credit, and a clear post-secondary plan.