Stevenson students rock the vote
Stevenson students rock the vote
Posted on 11/08/2018
Students watching tv set with candidate debating

During the week of October 22, 2018 students in Social Studies classes at Stevenson High School participated in an online National Mock Election through the University of Virginia's Youth Leadership Initiative (YLI), a national civic education program. 

Millions of students have voted in past YLI Mock Elections, making it the largest secure, student-only online mock election in the nation. 

"By participating in the Mock Election this year, I found that I better understood what was going on in current politics," said 11th grader Ashley Rhein. "It also allowed me to take part in conversations at home relating to the upcoming election. I will definitely be voting when I am eligible!"

A national research study conducted by University of Virginia Center for Politics Director Larry J. Sabato and Chief of Staff Ken Stroupe found conclusively that the instructional components of the Youth Leadership Initiative can have a positive impact on students,

“Students in classes where teachers used the YLI Mock Election and the related lesson plans reported a higher tendency towards future political participation,” Stroupe said.

“Programs such as the YLI Mock Election have the opportunity to excite students about our democracy. Students are empowered with a sense of “I can” optimism that will lead to a lifetime of civic involvement,” added Sabato. 

Many pre-election activities were done in individual teacher's classes prior to voting. Activities included viewing and analyzing debates, debating ballot proposals on Schoology webpage discussion boards, and taking online political ideology tests that allowed students to see how their views aligned them with particular candidates.

The ballot was customized and tabulated by Government teachers Ms. Carolyn Frischman and Mrs. Heather Chase for our November 6, 2018 local and state races and proposals.

Based on a plurality of over 700 votes cast, Stevenson students voted for Gretchen Whitmer for Governor, Debbie Stabanow for US Senator, and Andy Levin for US House - 9th District. All three Michigan ballot proposals passed by significant majorities. It appears that the results of the vote at SHS mirrored state-wide Mock and actual election results.