English and English Learners

Anahita Azami
ELL Content Literacy Teacher, Algebra I & II, EL Teacher
[email protected]       586-797-2054

Paula Ballard
English 10 & 11 Teacher
[email protected] 586-797-2091

Susan Edgar
English 10, AP Eng Lang Comp, AVID 10 Teacher
[email protected]          586-797-2078

Maha Fakhouri
Bilingual Paraprofessional
[email protected]     586-797-2054

Angel Favazza
AP English Lit Comp, Eng 12 Writing Center Teacher
[email protected]        586-797-2071

Yvonne Hopp
English 10 & 12 Teacher [email protected] 586-797-2079

Sarah LaCombe
MADE English, Honors English, English 11 Teacher
[email protected] 586-797-2034

Craig Leland
AP English Lang Comp Teacher, English 11 Teacher, Director of Debate, English Dept. Chair
[email protected]            586-797-2028

Mike MacLeod
Honors English 10 & Virtual AVID 10/11 Teacher, English Dept Chair
[email protected]          586-797-2011

Please note that all teacher contact phones go directly to voicemail during the school day. 

Kelli McCloud
Speech Communication I/II & AVID 11 Teacher, AVID Coordinator, Dollars for Scholars Liason
[email protected]        586-797-2010

Danielle McVay
English 11 Teacher
[email protected]     586-797-2065

Paula Pantano
English 10 Teacher, Journalism I Teacher, Yearbook Teacher, Newspaper I & II Teacher, Yearbook & Newspaper Advisor
[email protected]      586-797-2002

Megan Rhein
ELL Teacher
[email protected] 586-797-2052

Madison Ristovski
English 10 & 11 Teacher 586-797-2063
[email protected]
Angie Stemmerich
Speech, AP Capstone Seminar Teacher
[email protected]      586-797-2012

Mary Tangalos
All Levels ELL English Teacher
[email protected]      586-797-2052

Henry VanLoon
MADE English, English 10, Honors English 10, English 12 Teacher
[email protected] 586-797-2023

Dennis Walczak
English 12 Teacher, Boys & Girls Golf Coach
[email protected]    586-797-2081