Career and Technical Education

Regena Hampson
Future Educators I & II Teacher, Future Educators Council Sponsor
[email protected]                 586-797-2077

Jason Hoover
Auto I, CTE Auto Teacher, D4C-Driven for Christ Sponsor
[email protected]                        586-797-2101

Susan Rawling
Business & CTE Department Chair, Medical Health Science Careers & Medical Dental Assistants Teacher, HOSA Coach
[email protected]                       586-797-2127

Kristina Robinson
[email protected]            586-797-2123

Rachel Schornak
Medical Health Science Careers, AVID 11 Teacher, HOSA Coach
[email protected]                   586-797-2125

Jesse Siress
CTE Welding I & II Teacher, Skills USA Coach
[email protected]                            586-797-2105

Please note that all teacher contact phones go directly to voicemail during the school day.