Titan Theater Takes Second In State
Titan Theater Takes Second in State
Posted on 03/14/2018
Titan Theater Troupe

During the first weekend of midwinter break, the company earned second place in Division 1 at the state festival. The company packs a truck with everything we need to present our production, and the skill and effort used in moving, loading and unloading all our materials earned us the much-coveted Golden Truck Award, too. This award is a testimony to the effort and skill to not just what the audience sees on stage, but all the work needed to travel a show.  We also received a tremendous number of awards. Please congratulate anyone you see on this list.

Excellent Awards (equivalent to a silver)

Sound Design for Matt Steakley and Mackenzie Cook

Superior Awards (equivalent to gold)

  • Set Design: Jordan House and Dakota Swan
  • Set Construction: Noland Ethridge, Anna Kallo, Amber Lochridge, Casey Lochridge, Dakota Swan, Jordan House, Tiyanna Hale, Sarrah Mirza, Makenna Delph, and Brandon Owiesny
  • Light Design: Tressa Brewer and Kyle Kiesler
  • Lighting Execution: Tressa Brewer, Kyle Kiesler, Courntee Delph, Brady Jawarski, Angela Sparks, Haley Rivard, and Sara Kape
  • Costume Design: Maria Colin and Sarah McNaughton
  • Costume Execution: Maria Colin, Sarah McNaughton, Jane Schell, Angela Gjergji, and Sarah Cybulski
  • Backstage Costume Changes: Maria Colin, Sarah McNaughton, Jane Schell, Angela Gjergji, and Sarah Cybulski
  • Make Up Design: Sierra Casteel and Jane Schell
  • Acting Ensemble: Lindsey Rowland, Kyle Kiesler, Jeff Hayward, Chloe Matta, Sierra Casteel, Alyssa Burns, Mason Gaida, Rzeppa, Dayton Porter, Julie Akroush, Nadia Kruse, Treassa Brewer

Individual Superior Acting Awards: Lindsey Rowland, Kyle Kiesler, and Jeff Hayward

Finally, a superior award for the entire company for the setup and take down of our entire touring set, lighting and sound systems, and all the backstage materials. This, along with the acting ensemble award, is one of the hardest to earn.

The company really represented the Titan family well. Congratulations to the company Director, Mr. Johnson and all of the students that had a part in this production!