Stevenson High School Theatre proves it is a class act at state competition
Stevenson High School Theatre proves it is a class act at state competition
MIFA students

Congratulations to The Stevenson High School Theater Troupe 33. Their production of Tracks, by Peter Tarsi, recently won the MIFA District Competition, came in second place at Regionals, and placed 3rd in the State competition.
Don’t miss the livestream of this poignant and moving show about 10 strangers meeting in a subway station and having to face the inconceivable together. 

Superior awards at States:  

-Ryan Fischer for Sound Design and execution
-Entire Cast for Smooth Transitions
-Entire tech crew for Zoom Direction and coordination

Excellent Awards at States:  

-Bobby Yaxley - Acting in the role of the Old Man
Ensemble and Tech for Zoom Execution
-Sophia Yabut and Marisa Fisher - Costume Design
-Clara Barsoum - Lobby Display
-Sophia Yabut, Marisa Fisher, LeeAnn Jurczyszyn, and -Sophia Corpel for Costume Execution
-Amaryllis Hannosh - Make-up Design
Director:  Cheryl Jackson 
Student Directors:  Mareo Butrus and Sophia Yabut 
Stage Managers:  Paige Sakorafos and Makaila Seabridge 
Cast (In order of Appearance) 
Homeless Girl:  Sophia Yabut 
Old Man:  Bobby Yaxley 
Lawyer:  Marisa Fisher 
Professor:  Laith Basal 
Nun:  Clara Barsoum 
Businesswoman:  Valentina Youssif 
Businessman:  Elijah Ott 
High School Girl:  Anna Gallina 
High School Boy:  Mareo Butrus 
Waitress:  Amaryllis Hannosh 
Costumes:  Marisa Fisher*, Sophia Yabut*, Amaryllis Hannosh, Sophia Corpel, and LeeAnn Jurczyszyn 
Hair/Make-up: Amaryllis Hannosh* 
Lights:  Jazmin Graddy*, Paige Sakorafos*, and Nikolina Djogova 
Props:  Valentina Youssif*, Colleen Capozello, Emily Sakorafos, and Clara Barsoum 
Set:  Mareo Butrus*, Nikolina Djogova, Anna Gallina, Emily Sakorafos, and Bobby Yaxley 
Sound:  Ryan Fischer*, Laith Basal, Elijah Ott, and Al Pavlik 
Lobby Display: Clara Barsoum 
Program Design: Sophia Corpel, Nikolina Djogova, and LeeAnn Jurczyszyn