Kindness sticks at Stevenson High School
Kindness sticks at Stevenson High School
Posted on 10/18/2017
Student putting yellow sticky note on locker that says "You Are Wonderful."

A school locker denotes hidden feelings and knowledge.

With an objective of making students more comfortable and welcome in a school environment, Key Club took advantage of the power of sticky notes in The Sticky Note Project.

Recently, Key Club members lined the hallways with a rainbow of sticky notes, each one displaying an uplifting message.

“After a long and stressful night of homework, I was not looking forward to another school day. However, as soon as I walked through those double doors, I saw all the different colors of sticky notes on the lockers and the friendly message put a smile on my face,” Ashley Rossi, a senior, said.

As a way of recognizing the proud seniors of Stevenson, their lockers were made more prominent with a red ‘18’ placed above the sticky note.

Key Club members made it their intention to acknowledge seniors for their four years of academic achievement and hard work.

It’s remarkable what an influence a simple act of kindness can have on a community.