Mock election prepares the next generation of voters
Mock Election prepares students for their next role as contributing citizens
Posted on 11/18/2020
Copy of Ballot

In two short years, it may be their turn to vote in a national election.

And thanks to 2020 National Student Mock Election, a group of Stevenson High School students are now better prepared to assume their role as the next generation of U.S. voters. 

“I feel like this mock election will benefit me once I become the legal age to vote because I got to share my ‘voice’ at a young age,” said Junior Kaela Esquivel.  “It is important to learn about politics and what is going on in the world. Being involved in politics may be confusing at first but I got to learn more about myself and what I believe in. Now, when I am able to vote I can express myself and vote for my candidate of choice.” 

The 2020 National Student Mock Election is a group of civic-minded organizations coming together to ensure every school-age student has the opportunity to learn about civics in general and to participate in the most important function a citizen in a democracy can — to vote.

Stevenson students joined five million of their peers across the nation to participate in the virtual election, with ballots tailored to feature their local candidates for presidential and U.S. congressional races. 

Stevenson teachers coordinating the election were social teachers  Carolyn Frischman, Edward Waller, Lisa Lucas, Heather Chase, Dr. Kecia Waddell, Robert Cantu, and Kristen Khamis and Newspaper/Yearbook teacher Paula Pantano. 

"My knowledge with politics were very low until this year in Mrs. Lucas' government class. She expanded my horizons on what politics can actually relate to,” said Junior Synthia Yalda. “Even though I am not able to vote, I think being involved in politics is essential for knowing what to do when I do get that right.

Stevenson High School students, the election results were:

-In the Mock Election at Stevenson, Joe Biden won with 53% of the vote to President Trump’s 47%.
-In the Mock Election at Stevenson, Gary Peters (D) defeated John James (R) in the MI Senate race by an even slimmer margin of 51% to 49%.
-In the Mock Election at Stevenson, students chose Republican Lisa McClain over Democrat Kimberly Bizon in the MI-10th race for U.S. House of Representatives by a 52%-48% margin. 

“Voting in the Student Mock Election was exhilarating!” said Junior Kirollos Ibrahim. “It put me in the shoes of a voting US citizen. I know this election is going to be an important historical event to be remembered, that is why I wish I could have been a part of it, but the mock election gave me that feeling.”