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From The Principal

Good afternoon Titan Families,

Believe it or not, we wrapped up the first five weeks of Quarter 3.  Though we have access to grades at all times, we will be wrapping up the traditional “progress report” period this week.  Though we have a slightly extended second semester this is a great time to take stock, make sure grades are at or moving in the right direction and make appropriate adjustments.  

One of those thoughtful adjustments I’m going to ask for is about our communication practices.  In our new world of easy access, sending emails, chats, video conferencing, etc. we have wonderful opportunities to connect.  It also presents opportunities to step too far!  I try to make myself very accessible, as do my staff.  I’m asking that parents and students work to contact teachers and staff during regular work hours and expect responses during those times.  An email at 10 a.m. with a question on what to do the next day to me, may not get answered until well after  school has started the next day as I may not get to that email at 11 p.m. or at 6 a.m. when I get into school. Chats and video calls should wait until the next day unless there was a request otherwise.  

When it comes to communicating absences, parents must follow our traditional process for student attendance which means calling our attendance line at 586-797-1999.  Attendance should not be reported to teachers, administrative assistants or myself, only through our attendance line. If your student has COVID symptoms, let us know and we’ll follow up. If your student is just not feeling well, they still must stay home.  In addition, they must stay home for at least 24 hours past the point at which their symptoms abate.  If we send a student home, we’ll tell you give you an appropriate return date. 

Speaking of absences, I realize mid-winter and spring break are travel times for families.  I need to remind families that travel out of country comes with restrictions. Notably, the Presidential Order establishes that the CDC recommendations for international air travel be required at this time.  For Utica Community Schools this means both students and staff must adhere to the following upon international air travel return and prior to resuming in-person school or work within the district:

Quarantine at home immediately upon return from international air travel.  This should be for a minimum of seven (7) or ten (10) calendar days 
Get tested for COVID-19 upon return from international air travel.  This is best conducted during the window of three to five days after return
If test result is positive for COVID-19, follow all applicable quarantine requirements
If test result is negative for COVID-19, continue to self-monitor, and may return to school or work after the full seven days, provided no symptoms emerge 
o If an individual does not get tested within the window indicted above, she/he is to self-monitor for ten days, and may return to school or work after the full ten days, provided no symptoms emerge
o Even upon completing quarantine, individuals who have engaged in international air travel should continue to distance from medically fragile persons for fourteen days from return.

Students should apprise the school in advance of any international air travel so that any quarantining absence is appropriately recorded. Please be advised that Utica Community Schools is not obligated to provide expanded remote learning for students quarantined following voluntary international travel. 

Back in October, I emailed senior families about FAFSA. Whether you’re in VA or at SHS proper, FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is a gatekeeper to resources and grants for all students.  We need to make sure that you’re taking some time to learn and fill this out.  MI Student Aid is offering free events to help with that process. Students and families can   register for a Virtual College Financial Aid Night  provided by Treasury’s MI Student Aid team. Sessions will be available every Tuesday and Thursday evening during the month of February from 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. EST. Participants will be able to gather information on the following financial aid topics:

FAFSA application information
Federal financial aid programs
State financial aid programs
Scholarship searching
MiSSG Student Portal Accounts
All sessions are open to the public and participants are encouraged to sign up for one session only due to limited space. 
In addition to this opportunity, sophomore and junior families, the College Board is offering a wonderful program called, BigFuture Days which is a free, regional series of virtual college fairs that bring universities, colleges, admissions officers and officials together to give students a tailored experience to establish connections to universities.  This is a lot of access that is free and virtual.  Please check out the BigFuture Days site   and sign up!  You can watch a preview video here

Lastly, please take the time to read the important conference information in the recent issue of the Titan Voice.

With Titan Pride,

Kenneth L. Cucchi III

Principal, Stevenson High School 
Starting Tuesday, January 19, 2021 the UCS Helpdesk will offer two ways for parent and students to contact them directly for support. 
Telephone: 586-797-1055 from 7:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. 

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The Titan Voice
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Stevenson High School will encourage and empower all students to acquire the necessary skills to be successful, contributing members of a diverse community and global society.


Our Mission
Our mission is to create a positive and challenging learning environment that encourages all students to achieve their greatest potential as responsible, productive members of a diverse society.

UCS Vision

All children have the right to a rigorous, high-quality education which meets their individual needs. UCS will respect, encourage and empower each and every student to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to be successful, contributing members of a diverse community and global society.

UCS Mission

We are committed to exemplary teaching and learning in order for our students to be prepared for success in the 21st Century.
We will achieve this commitment by engaging the entire community to focus on each child's achievement, with the expectation that every student will pursue some type of post-high school educational endeavor.

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  • All employees will exemplify ethical behavior; exhibit a strong work ethic; and continue to develop their leadership, performance and service skills.
  • Technology supports and enhances instruction, business operations, research and communications.
  • The Board of Education, district educators/staff, parents, community members and business leaders must collaborate and work as a team to enhance educational opportunities for student success.